Welcome to the new EoA website!

Josh and Dakota, ready for Moonlight Market

It’s been a long ass time but I finally got around to getting a website up and running. There was a time when I had way more time to spend on this type of work but those days are few and far between. Since starting EoA, all of my online endeavors have come to a halt, including The Aimless Cook. Although I do miss doing the show, I feel rewarded every day by the kinds of things we can achieve running a little street food restaurant.

John takes orders while Dakota assembles.

Since the last time I wrote any kind of blog, so much has happened. Moving, new pets, old pets passing on, pop-ups, night markets, additions to our EoA family as well as members that have moved on. Add to that, the challenges of managing people, staffing shortages, expanding our operation to a 2nd location, taxes, and just the colossal task of running a small business. There’s nothing small about it, but perhaps my perception will change as we grow even bigger.

Josh preps mise for Asam Laksa

Stay tuned to this site and to this blog for further updates, news, events, and random thoughts. Thanks for all your continued love and support.


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