We do get a lot of questions everyday from new customers, as well as seasoned regulars. Here are a few of the most common questions we get.

What is Asian Street Food?

Our brand of Asian Street Food is inspired by the vast culinary offerings all over Asia from street vendors, night markets, popups, and classic restaurants. It’s fast, casual, cheap, and tasty. Our style is a combination of classic Asian and good old comfort food with a dash of the unexpected. Our menu changes constantly so be sure to visit often!

Is it spicy?

Yes, sometimes it is spicy and other times, not. If you are new and have a low tolerance to spicy dishes, we recommend trying the Chicken Teriyaki bowl. After that, venture to the Thai Red Curry Chicken, or the spicier Bibimbap (Korean Mixed rice).

What’s with the SPAM?

The role of SPAM in Asian cuisine can be traced back to when US servicemen were stationed all over the South Pacific, namely Hawaii, the Philippines, and Guam. It was in plentiful supply, stored well, and convenient. It was only a matter of time until the resourceful locals started to make dishes with SPAM like musubi (Hawaii), macaroni soup (Hong Kong), and SPAMsilog (Philippines), and Budae Jjigae (Korea).