What is Asian Street Food?

Wherever you go in Asia, there is a street vendor somewhere, cooking up the tastiest and most delicious food you’ll ever eat. It is the product of passion, hard work, and years of experience that make the food so incredibly delectable. Street Food is all about discovering new flavours and textures, taking your palate on a new adventure with every turn. It’s everchanging and forever evolving.

Our Story

Jay del Corro’s first foray into the culinary world started with his hit YouTube cooking show, The Aimless Cook. Starting in 2009, his weekly recipes slowly gathered a following until 2011 when he was the only Canadian chosen for YouTube and Google’s Next Chef program. From there, The Aimless Cook has amassed over 4 million views and over 40,000 subscribers worldwide.

Fast forward to 2012 when Jay finally quit his corporate job and decided to pursue a full-time focus on food by opening Eats of Asia. Starting in a small window at the Millarville Farmers Market, his signature Asian Street Food started a loyal following which has grown and supported the family run business, following their journey from farmers’ markets, night markets, and pop-ups to their current location at Crossroads Market.

Inspired by childhood memories, travel, and some happy accidents, the food of Eats of Asia is a combination of traditional cooking contrasted by creations that simply satisfy a primal urge to eat like no one’s looking.

Eats of Asia is open every weekend and features a variety of Asian rice bowls, steamed bao, hand-pulled noodles, and house made ramen which offers a new flavour each day.

WHat’s next?

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